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Avantina whippets come from Western Finland. I have owned whippets for over a decade, and all my whippets and litters are loved and cared for throughout their whole life spans, from puppies to elders. I want to keep whippet a sweet and lovely breed that they are known for, and make them even better! I want to breed quality not quantity; using only the high quality bloodlines. In comparison to many other breeds, whippets are still quite healthy and I aim to keep them like that. The best about whippets is their character; they are sweet, calm, loyal to their own people, and have that special twinkle in their eyes.

Avantina whippets are not only of those characteristics, they are also extraordinary in their beauty and their versatility, they can do what they are known for; run fast with ease and enjoy it for the fullest! I hope all these will follow every whippet from Avantina, from the womb to the grave. In between it all, I want them to fill their owners' lives with the same happiness and joy they have within them, just like they have filled our lives. All that is what Avantina whippets are made of!

I hope you for a nice visit, and please, do not hesitate to take contact about any issues comes to your mind!

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